'Ey peoples! I'm going to be using this page to upload some of the random things that i find on the internet! I'll probably be postings some stuff that i've made myself, but consider to be too "small" or out of category for the Art Page; such as avatars, banners, sprites, etc. Anyway, i'll be posting Disclaimers, and a link if i can find one, to each one individually. And in order to stay in character with myself, most --if not all--  of these things will be Fandom oriented. with that being said, i think i'm done! now go look at some of the Randomness that me and my Fangirlish buddies have managed to dig up!

Stargate Atlantis Fanvids

These are two vids that i found on YouTube and absolutely LOVED!! yes, as the title says, they are both Stargate Atlantis vids. but how could i stop myself!? I'M IN LOVE!! disclaimers: i did not make any of these vids! they were slaved over by their very skilled and talented creators, Jollie007 and RodneysGirl90.

anyway, the one of the left is titled "Heights and Depths" and is a vid featuring all of the main cast and goes to the the song "For all Lovers" by Stanfour. It has dramaticness and is very well done, i love it! The second one, on the other hand, is hilarious!! i have never seen a vid so well synced in my life!! the vid is titled "Stargate: Atlantis - Rodney McKay as James Bond". and, just as it sounds, they used the James Bond theme and redid it using clips of Dr. Rodney McKay!! my favourite arrogant S.O.B. of an astrophysicists! and without further adieu (i THINK that's how you spell it) get to watching!

Some cute little sprites that really bring back memories!

i was on Kete's site a few days ago when i noticed she had a sprite on her home page. i asked for a link and manged to procure two of my favourites for my own site! In case you don't know (and if you do know, you're pathetic) these two are from "Hamtaro". It's a Japanese TV series, movie series, and game series featuring cute little hamsters as the main characters! obviously, a bunch of it has been translated into English. anyway, when i was little, (like elementary and, sadly, early middle school) me and my friends were OBSESSED with Hamtaro! we had the games, we watched to show, we collected the cards for Fandom's sake! anyway, my all time favourites were Panda, a main cast member and the carpenter of the Ham-Hams, and Spat, the evil villain in the second (and best) game. i had a habit of falling for the evil bad guys... examples: Piccolo, Spat, Kamek, Bowser, Fawful, StarScream... sheesh! what's wrong with me!?

anyway, look upon their cuteness and tremble!!

Disclaimer: as much as i would like to have, I did not make these sprites! both of these were made by the ever talented owner of this site!! www.chinako.nu/hamster